24hr Virtual Clinic™ Selects Linkwell Health to Empower Employee Safety, Health and Well-being

NEW YORK – July 25, 2018 – Linkwell Health, a leading technology-enabled digital content marketing company focused exclusively on healthcare, today announced a new partnership with 24hr Virtual Clinic™, a leading provider of cost mitigation solutions for workplace injuries. As a partner with 24hr Virtual Clinic, Linkwell will drive awareness and utilization of the Clinic’s solutions in an effort to improve employee safety, health and well-being.

24hr Virtual Clinic reduces workers’ compensation claims and costs on average by more than 40% by combining solutions for workplace injury triage, workstation ergonomics and presenteeism. This integrated, easy-to-access system provides immediate telephonic and video medical interaction via a single phone number, app or online with U.S.-based registered nurses and other medical providers. Serving employers nationwide, the company diverts non-clinical injuries out of the workers’ comp system via immediate RN triage for all workplace injuries, provides proactive online and clinical intervention for ergonomic workstation issues, and addresses presenteeism issues via consultations with medical and behavioral health providers.

24hr Virtual Clinic selected Linkwell Health to increase awareness and utilization of its services for employees and their immediate families with a singular destination access, along with actionable health and well-being content. “We partnered with Linkwell because it is the proven provider for employee engagement in the health and well-being space. Linkwell understands how to engage different populations and motivate them to take action, which is key to getting employees to take advantage of our offerings, ” said Dr. Ann Hawkins, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of 24hr Virtual Clinic. “Employees and their families also have access to consumer-centric content focused on nutrition, fitness, prevention, ergonomics, and mindfulness, which empowers them to be as productive as they want to be. Plus, this employee empowerment tool drives utilization of our solutions, which increases the return on investment for our clients.”

“We are excited to work with 24hr Virtual Clinic to proactively reduce the growing costs of workplace injuries, illness and presenteeism,” said Toni Tashiro, Linkwell’s Chief Customer Officer. “By leveraging our Healthy Living Engine content management system, 24hr Virtual Clinic is able to dynamically deploy content to connect with employees to drive utilization in new and measurable ways.”

About 24hr Virtual Clinic™

The 24hr Virtual Clinic™ is a pre-claim, patented, rapid response, cost mitigation solution for Workplace Injuries and Total Employee Health. It is the only fully-integrated system which provides solutions to keep workers healthy, productive and present while generating an ROI for our clients. The24hr Virtual Clinic™ solutions militate (to have effect or influence to bring about change) the number and costs of unnecessary/non-critical/minor workplace injuries, work station ergonomics injuries, and presenteeism. For more information about 24hr Virtual Clinic™, visit www.24hrVC.com.

About Linkwell Health

Linkwell Health creates world-class editorial, marketing, and technology solutions to help health plans and health services companies better engage consumers. The company designs, develops, and delivers its best-in-class health and wellness content across all platforms: web, email, mobile, social, video, and print. Linkwell Health’s solutions drive empowerment and engagement for clients, while simultaneously educating and inspiring consumers to own their health. For more information about Linkwell Health, visit www.linkwellhealth.com.